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Belt Buffalo
Belt Buffalo

Belt Buffalo

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Made of gorgeous buffalo hide with a wonderful finish in the grain of the leather. This belt is practical and beautiful, unique item (the leather patina means no two belts are the same).

Available in four different tones of brown.

Possibly the best accessory for your trousers.

This belt comes in 3.5mm thick buffalo leather with a screw riveted solid brass or steel buckle attached. With the riveted buckle you can swop buckles at any time.

If you need further instruction please send me an email and I will help you as much as I can.

I cannot be held responsible for errors in measurement. This means it is not my policy to replace belts which followed a faulty measurement.

Buffalo leather is a natural product, this means each item has its own character.

70cm – 83cm = Extra Small
78cm – 91cm = Small
86cm – 100cm = Medium
95cm – 108cm = Large
101cm – 115cm = Extra Large