My career as an artisan leather craftsman started in Hungary, in the early 1990s. I spent two years making myself familiar with various natural materials and traditional crafts such as weaving, wool felting and basket making. Eventually I discovered leather work and stayed with it. I was enchanted by the suppleness and warmth of the material as well as its applications throughout history.

In 1992 I spent six months learning my craft from one of the last traditional harness-makers in Hungary. He had a vast and insightful knowledge of his craft and taught me a great deal. Apart from this six month period I am self taught and pride myself on having an in depth knowledge, along with a unique style.

Later on as I worked on developing my own style, I combined traditional leather crafting techniques with my own collection of vintage craft objects. This naturally grew into an interest in the Hungarian medieval re-enactment world. For years I worked with various groups across the country and created copies of archaeological findings for museums.


During this time I became determined to establish my own style of leather work. I turned my attention to nature and drew my inspiration from natural colours, organic forms and an interest for innovative fastenings which have all become strong features on my bags and accessories today.

I relocated my business to the UK in 2009, currently living and working in the beautiful New Forest where I create and design my selection of artisan leather products.

My work is strongly influenced by traditional Eastern European hand crafts which I combine with simplicity, a love of colours and a great appreciation for natural leather as my raw material. I find the strength, texture and durability of leather lends itself to classic lines and simple elegance. My leather work ages beautifully, developing a glossy patina with time and wear.

Tibor Eperjessy

Our leather

We use the best quality vegetable-tanned leather that is sourced from small independent tanneries within the UK.

We look for unusual colours, textures and unique finishes which compliment the simplicity and durability of the design and craftsmanship.

The types of leather we use age beautifully over time, acquiring a natural shine and patina, the original tint usually darkens a few shades over the years of usage.

We pay particular attention to the design of our products, making sure they will be practical and long-lasting while remaining distinctive and original.

We are proud knowing all our products will endure and serve you well for years to come.

Our product range

You will find a variety of leather accessories available, including cable ties, key fobs, glasses cases and belts, alongside a wide range of shoulder and messenger bags and large format satchels and backpacks.

There is no item that is too small or too large to make.
Customisation is a possibility, please email to collaborate. We are always up for a challenge.